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Family get-together

Pick a Theme

Your party theme will set the tone for the entire event. The good news is there’s bazillions of ideas out there.Some of my favorite family-friendly party theme ideas (that are easy on a budget) include:

  • 1. Sports (“Tailgate” with hotdogs and burgers, play bags-toss, listen to baseball on the radio, and encourage everyone to wear their favorite team gear.)
  • 2. Pool/Water (Fill up the kiddie pool and encourage water fights and Marco Polo. Enjoy beachy treats like fruit and fish.)
  • 3. Backyard Camping (Set up a tent, start a bonfire, roast s’mores, and enjoy camping food. After dark, tell ghost stories or sing campfire songs.)
  • 4. Disney/Movie/Book (Play songs from Disney and encourage everyone to dress up as their favorite characters. You can also go for Harry Potter or another book or movie theme, like Star Wars, Superheroes, etc.)

Plan the Menu

If you really enjoy cooking or prefer NOT to do a event, pick menu options that don’t require involved cooking. When you’re hosting a family get-together, the last thing you want to do is stow away in the kitchen the entire time!

Depending on your menu, you can serve chips on the side, pasta salad, simple chopped up fruit, or veggies and dip. If you have a lot of kiddos coming to the party, it’s best to go for simple grab-and-go sides that don’t require a bunch of prep (or extra dishes). If you’re REALLY not looking forward to cleaning up after the party, check your local dollar store for paper plates, and plastic cups and serving ware. (Also good if you’re concerned about breaking glass outside.)

Kool-Aid is a cheap, fun drink that everyone loves. For dessert, try popsicles or ice cream with fresh fruit (or served as root beer floats). Easy, simple, and everyone will love it!

Set Up Fun Activities

For adults, the very act of getting together as a family can be enough for entertainment, but to have a really fun family get-together, you may want to plan a few cool activities besides simply eating.Usually 2 or 3 games or challenges are enough to keep everyone entertained without feeling like you’re “forcing” everyone into an activity. You know how active your family is, so plan accordingly. If your family is super-sporty, ask your guests to bring their favorite sports equipment. A badminton set or bocce ball game will really add to the (free) fun! If your family is more casual, opt for 1 or 2 “active” games and 1 less-active option. Grandma might not love Ultimate Frisbee and some games can be too challenging for younger kids.

Find Budget-Friendly Decorations

Outdoor family get-togethers are a DREAM to decorate because you can go totally simple. String up some Christmas lights, put some flowers (or a potted plant) on the table, or use a bunch of mix-and-matched floral items to create a casual/fun vibe.